Can This Relationship Be Saved

The boyfriend is spending more and more time with his buddies. The wife is spending more and more mystery time on the internet. The girlfriend has been dropping hints about the need for some time alone. The husband works long hours and complains that he no longer has enough energy to do anything more than crash in his easy chair.

These are all signs that couold point to the end of a relationship. Can this relationship be saved? Every relationship can be saved with hard work, but both parties must decide that they want to make it work and that they are willing to put in the hard work.

Many couples stay in a relationship just for the convenience. This can be because they think that it would be easier for their children or it could be that they feel their finances could suffer if they were to go their seperate ways.

The first step to saving a relationship is to define the symptoms of the problems that you have encountered. Taking a logical approach to saving a relationship can help to put everything into perspective. Approach the situation with a business mind and try to keep the focus on solutions rather than resorting to finger pointing.

A lack of intimacy is one the more common symptoms that couples suffer from. Fortunately, this is one area of your relationship that can easily be improved upon. After all, there was a time in your relationship when intimacy came very easily to you.

You may need to force the issue a bit. You may have to make dates with each other in order to force the romance back into gear. When couples lack intimacy, they tend to start looking outside the relationship for what they have been lacking.

Develop a plan of action to fix the problem. Realize that saving a relationship is an ongoing process. The hardest part is making the decision to save your relationship in the first place. Once you make that decision, you just need to stay committed to the cause.

This is easily accomplished if you stay organized. Use your calendar. Make dates with each other and stick to them. Get a babysitter. Try to discover new things that you can do together. Discovering new things together can help to reform your bond.

Take it easy on one another. Don’t be too judgemental. Give each other a break. Also be sure to take the time to compliment each other on the every day accomplishments, even if it is something very small and insignificant.

Above all, keep on keeping on and always keep in mind that THIS relationship CAN be saved.

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