Love And Your Health

Many doctors will prescribe a new puppy in order to bolster the health of your heart. It seems that love really can affect your health. Being in love, having people love you and having a love for life are all healthful endeavors.

Do you have a healthy relationship?

Having a healthy relationship can lead to having a healthy heart. It’s all about attitude and positive thinking. Conversely, being physically healthy can help in bolstering the health of a relationship. This is especially true for men.

A mans health can be directly proportional to his ability to have a healthy physical relationship with a woman. It’s only natural that women are attracted to healthy men. It’s the healthy man who breeds the best.

Women can’t just let themselves go either. Through the process of natural selection, a man will naturally choose a healthy looking woman. This all helps to carry humanity into the next century. Selective breeding is not a new concept.

However, on the subject of healthy relationships, it takes a bit more than a perfect physique to carry a relationship to its full potential. Women need to feel loved and men need to feel needed. If there are areas in a relationship that are lacking, sticking to the principle of men giving affection and women giving respect will most likely help to pull it together.

Love your Health

Give your body what it wants and your body will give you what you want. What does your body want? Your body wants to be healthy. What do you want? If you’re a woman, you want affection and adoration. If you’re a man, you want respect and loyalty.

If a man makes his body healthy, he will naturally get the respect and loyalty that he deserves. However, health alone cannot guarantee that he will be the perfect mate. Along with health comes responsibility. A man needs to have a healthy body but also be responsible for giving a woman the affection and adoration that she craves.

If a woman makes her body healthy, she will naturally get the affection and adoraztion that she deserves. She will not be complete unless she can also give the man the respect that he craves. It is all about finding balance.

The bottom line is that if you want good love then you need good health and it is easier to have good health if you have love. It may seem like a catch 22 but in reality, one simply brings on the other. So, the trick is to just start getting healthy and to also start giving your man or woman the adoration or respect that they need. These can be done at once.

Take baby steps and work at it every day. Your goal shouold be that by tomorrow, you will feel more love than you do today. Tomorrow you will feel that you have taken steps to improve your health. If you can take these steps every day then you will be heading in the right direction and before you know it, you will have the love and health that you desire.

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